pushing buttonThat person brings out the worst in me.  I never act like this with anyone else.  Sound familiar? Many people want to know how some people know how to push their buttons?  But the more helpful questions to answer are:  Who gave them access to your buttons?  and what makes those buttons work?  Too often we fail to look at ourselves when someone provokes a response from us that we do not like.  We are fixated on blaming them for being good at bringing out the bad in us.  But where does that bad come from?  When you squeeze a lemon, you get lemon juice.  Basically that bad is really what is inside of you.  It’s your internal turmoil that keeping the outward conflict going. Could it be that the button pusher might actually help you see what is really going on in the inside?  Rather than playing button, button, who pushed my buttons  –  try looking for potential reasons why these button pushers have so much control in your life.  If we can help please let us know contact us

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