DiscipleshipThe church is given the responsibility to make disciples (Matthew 28:19,20).  Biblical Counseling is designed to assist the process when the standard discipleship environments (preaching services, Sunday School/ABF’s, small groups) fail to provide the intimate personal care needed for change.

Biblical Counseling is not designed to replace church ministries, but rather to serve as a temporary “pit stop” to get the disciple back in the race.  For example, one of the clearest trademarks of our discipleship is our love for other believers (John 13:34,35).  However, there are times when that love breaks down.  Christians begin to tolerate, avoid or even attack rather than edify.  Rather than stir up others to love and good works (Hebrews 10:24), they just stir up others…

Correcting such situations can be confronted from the pulpit, taught and modeled in groups, however, the process of gently restoring (Galatians 6:1-2), is more effectively done in either formal or informal counseling settings.  It is in such environments that one can unpack bitterness, fears, prejudices and lusts that have complicated relationships and disrupted the discipleship process.

Biblical Counseling uses caring questions and practical projects to equip others with tools that will help them overcome obstacles to loving God and others. It has great confidence in the church ministries because they are the environments that will provide the long lasting growth that a disciple needs.

CrossWalk Ministries is the official counseling ministry of CrossRoad Baptist it works hand in hand with the other disciple making structures to provide intentional sequential growth.  It not only offers counseling, but also specific training to equip disciple makers.  We invite you to take advantage of those training opportunities.


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