There are three key advantages to Biblical Counseling:

A specific source:

There are many counseling philosophies and processes in our world today.  They are built on careful observation of human activity.  There is no doubt that the world of psychology has provided us with excellent “snap shots” of human behavior.  However, in that the various schools of thought differ on what this data means and what constitutes “normal”, it is difficult to decide what aspects of these observations and applications are beneficial.  Biblical Counseling begins with the design God has depicted for His creation as found in the Bible.  Goals, process for change and the definition of “normal” are derived from God’s perspective.  Biblical Counseling involves careful interaction with individuals drawing out important information to help the counselee apply the appropriate Biblical truth to his or her specific situation.  We believe that the Bible is from God and profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness. (2 Timothy 3:16).  Therefore, we have complete confidence that there are answers for those that seek God’s will and way.

A specific goal:

As stated above determining the goal of counseling can be difficult if there is no absolute design that should be followed.  The Bible clearly states that God’s design for the Christian is to grow into the likeness of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29).  God created individuals to be unique, therefore, there is no particular model as to what a Christian is to look like.  However, there are some excellent principles and examples throughout Scripture that allows the counselor to help the counselee make application to his or her unique situation and person.  Biblical Counseling allows an individual to experience transformation in the context of his or her interests, abilities, gifts, and personality.

A special partnership:

Biblical Counseling is designed to further the discipleship process of the local church.  Therefore, it works in conjunction with the ministries and focus of the church.  Pastors and spiritual leaders can count on the biblical counselor providing guidance that will create stronger believers and church members.  Counseling becomes a short-term ministry with the anticipation that the church will accomplish the long term process of change.

*The attached is a basic generalization of counseling perspectives: Comparing Counseling Philosophies

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