Biblical Counseling is designed to be a short-term assistance to the local church discipleship ministries.  Therefore, most situations should take between 6-8 sessions.  The counselor anticipates that most of the work of change will be done outside of counseling sessions through projects and involvement in local church ministries.


CrossWalk Ministries is a training facility therefore we offer Biblical Counseling at no cost because the experience to our trainees is of great value.  If you are unable or unwilling to participate in our free counseling (available Mondays 3-9 PM), you can arrange counseling outside of the training process for $30 per session.

Counseling at the Training Center: 

Free counseling is available on Mondays from 3-9 PM.  Clients will complete necessary information and waiver forms to participate in the program.  The counseling is confidential and all trainees understand and agree to this requirement.  Counseling sessions may have at least one trainee present.  In some cases sessions will be recorded for training purposes.

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