CrossWalk Ministries exists to assist local churches in the discipleship process.  We hope to accomplish this through the following ministries:

  • Recommended Resources – we attempt to keep current on those tools that are helpful for spiritual growth and change.
  • Consultation – at times church leaders need someone to bounce an issue off with someone.  We are available to offer feedback and suggestions at no charge.
  • Coaching through Conflict – some issues become more complex and require some step by step coaching to work toward resolve.
  • Marital Mediation – We provide a mediation service to couples that includes coaching, mediation and the development of a counseling plan.  The plan can serve as an agenda for the pastor to further minister to the couple. It is ideal to have the pastor involved in the whole process. Click here for more information.
  • Team Counseling – A pastor sometimes needs assistance with a counseling issue.  We welcome pastors to bring those who are counseling into the center for a few sessions.
  • Peacemaking Training – We offer a range of training on peacemaking to the local church.  This could be a one hour overview or a four hour intensive.
  • Church Conflict – When conflict has impacted the entire church it is valuable to get additional help.  We provide training, coaching and mediation for such situations.
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