Socrates on marriageSeptember 18, 1980 is the day I will always remember as the day I found the woman who has been my wife for over 30 years.   I was convinced that she was someone worth pursuing.  I knew nothing about her, and initially she was bent on keeping it that way.   However, persistence paid off and we discovered that we enjoyed our times together and concluded that marriage was the obvious step in our pursuit to happiness together.   The past three decades have taught us that there is more to marriage than happiness.

This concept is creatively discussed by author Gary Thomas in his book Sacred Marriage.  In that most books on the subject establish helpful principles on how to create and maintain a marriage of your dreams; Thomas launches from the premise that marriage is a great instrument to help a person become holy.

Over the next several weeks our website will include excerpts from his book along with some personal insights and applications.  The goal is to encourage you to read his book, and for you to come away with a greater understanding of what God might be doing in your marriage


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