CrossWalk Ministries is sponsoring Scott Owen to join a team of Conciliators to teach biblical principles and processes of Christian mediation to leaders in Nigeria, Africa.  The ministry opportunity will be from November 28 through December 3rd of 2016.  We appreciate your prayers!



Update:  Our training involved 5 full days of training for approximately 60 leaders from Nigeria.  These men and women were lawyers, judges, clergy and other influential Christians in their respective areas of Nigeria.  We were able to provide for them a training that would have cost each of them thousands of dollars and a very prohibitive trip to the US.  We were very humbled to be the instruments to offer them tools that have the potential of impacting their country.

We were also able to meet with 30 pastors from the area for a 4 hour seminar on peacemaking principles.  It was exciting to see each one of them provided a copy of the Peacemaker by Ken Sande.  This book has been a staple for peacemaking principles for decades.  Our hope is that the pastors and Christian attorneys can work together to provide better options for believers in conflict.

Thanks again for your prayers and contributions.  The Lord provided a very prosperous week of ministry to those in Nigeria that can have lasting impact in their culture.






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