pause for peace cloudsThis section is dedicated for mini-articles on peacemaking.   The biblical principles are designed to help people resolve conflict.  Many of these principles are developed from Peacemaker Ministries.  We recommend their site at

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I don’t have time for his drama!”  It is times like this when we need to Pause for Peace. All too often it is our busy lives that set us up for conflict.  So when the drama hits, we have little time to do anything but react.  Sadly, such reactions, tend to complicate rather than correct the problem.  This is why we encourage people to PAUSE.  P A U S E is a helpful acronym developed by Peacemaker Ministries designed to equip people to constructively pursue peace.  The P stands for Prepare.  Self-defense training conditions the student to develop an action to counteract an attack.  Such preparedness protects the would-be victim from contributing to a vulnerable situation.  In like fashion times of conflict can be deescalated by taking time to think before speaking.  To read more about how you can be prepared for conflict visit Peacemaker Ministries site – click here.

Your friend just had a huge fight with her husband.  She is frustrated and can only think about how bad the conflict is and will become.  How can you help?  This is a good time to Pause for Peace.  In situations like this our first reaction is to listen to our friend.  This works initially, but in the long run we tend to only be encouraging negative thinking and gossip.  You are not a marriage counselor, but what can you do?  One thing you can do is help her adjust the direction of her thinking.  Right now she only sees the bad that conflict promises, but she might benefit from seeing three good things that conflict offers a Christian.  I use the Peacemaker Principles Pamphlet by peacemaker ministries to show that conflict is an opportunity to Glorify God ; help you become like Christ; and test your unconditional love and service.  For more information on the opportunities in Conflict consult the Peacemaker Ministries site – click here

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