Loss of a Loved One – Grief is real.  God wants us to experience our sorrow with a foundation of hope.  Each situation is unique and every person grieves differently.  We are a sponsor of the 13 week GriefShare program.

Divorce – Separation and the dissolving of a relationship can be complex and painful.  The loss is real and the reminders of it can regularly distract from the process of moving on. God hates divorce, but He has a great love for those hurting through the impacts of it.

Loss of a Job or Career – Whether permanent or temporary, the challenges with this type of loss can lead to discouragement, financial stress, and family conflicts.  God’s Word offers practical guidance on how to navigate these.

Prodigal Loved One –  Sorrow for those that have strayed away from the Faith can be deep and debilitating.  Fear infused emotions can create additional conflict that may only cause greater separation.  It helps to develop a biblical game plan that honors God and displays unconditional love.  Audio Clip: Adult Children

Diminishing Health – The believer’s body is the temple of God.  He created it for His purposes and He desires that good management of the body to used.  Fear, bitterness, and a host of negative emotions can crop up when the body experiences pain and limitation.

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