We would like to record various testimonies of God’s working through CrossWalks so that He will get the glory and that other can rejoice.  If you would like to share a testimony please fill out the form.  Please indicate in the second section a distinction as a radio listener, website follower or client:  To get the form  Click Here

From a New Pastor:

After counseling a couple for awhile on my own, I was feeling ineffective and struggling to know what to address and how to address it.  When the three of us sat down with the counselors at CrossWalk, we received Biblical wisdom that helped us get to the root of the problem so that we can make a gospel-centered, hope-filled plan moving forward.


From an ISU Student:

From around age 7-age 9, when I visited my mom each summer after she and my dad divorced, I was sexually abused by the man she remarried. Though uncomfortable with what was going on, I also didn’t understand it (What parent teaches their 7-year-old about sex?) — all I knew was that secrets were to be kept and authorities were to be obeyed. Although finally I did tell what was happening — so my abuser went to jail and I began receiving counseling — damage had already been done that to some extent has affected me ever since. Now a student at Iowa State University, I came to CrossWalk because although I seriously want to know and obey God, I found myself struggling in my thought life in ways clearly connected to the childhood abuse I experienced — and I felt terrified and helpless to fight these unwanted thoughts.  I am VERY grateful to God that CrossWalk ministries exists, available in Ames and for students at Iowa State University. You are a blessing!


From a Spouse in Conflict:

The Crosswalk Ministries counseling we have experienced  were shockingly effective. It did confront us as sinners; encouraged us to express Christlike love toward one another; and taught us to be good stewards in time, emotions, and, words.  It confronted us to act as children of God.  We were shown Christ’s love through confrontation, compassion, and teaching what God wants us to do to honor him.




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